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Quinny Yezz

Quinny Yezz

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What is the Yezz?
Designed using the latest technology and lightest materials, this award winner buggy is strong, durable and easy to use and is ideal for tackling every challenge in the city. When not in use, the shoulder strap of the Yezz leaves both of your hands free.

Features & Benefits:
- Suitable from 6 months to 15kgs
- Frame made of gas-injected glass fibre - IXEF®
- Ultra compact and lightweight buggy - only 5kg
- Ultra compact one-hand fold
- Comfortable seat with a natural recline perfect for your toddler to nap in
- Ultra durable and weather-resistant seat - Rip-stop material
- Carry strap for ease of transportation
- Remains upright when folded.
- Skate wheels make it light and easy to push around.
- Includes a sun canopy and back pocket, handy for holding your toddlers essentials


Made of an extremely strong IXEF® high performance plastic, the Quinny Yezz is a featherweight buggy champion: only 5 kg! The superfast fold makes it easy to switch from pushing to carrying the Yezz when needed.

Easy to carry over your shoulder

The great thing about the Quinny Yezz is that it switches from pushing to carrying in seconds, making it the ideal lightweight travel partner.

Ultimate compact package

Super innovative, the Quinny Yezz features a unique 3D folding system. Fold and unfold in the blink of an eye, so you can switch from pushing to carrying - and back again in no time at all.

Comfortable hammock seat

Sit back and relax or take a nap: the comfy hammock-like seat of the Quinny Yezz is up for whatever you want to do.

Ergonomic pushbar

The pushbar of the Quinny Yezz suits parents of every height for comfortable strolling.

One finger push

It's such a pleasure to push the Quinny Yezz, with innovative skate wheels promising a smooth ride every time.

Repellant fabrics

Food or drink spill? Don’t worry, the Quinny Yezz seat is water and dirt repellant, so simply wipe-clean any spills.

Stand by itself when folded

The compact selfstanding Quinny Yezz is easy to store in the smallest of spaces.

Storage pocket

Take your must-pack items in the storage pocket at the back of the Quinny Yezz, it holds up 2 kg.

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