About Us

Traveling with children, especially young ones, always ends up with bulky transport luggage. Prams are needed for on-the-go parents, car seats are compulsory for the children's safety. We all, as parents, want the best for our children and the best means researching and buying prams and car seats. We consider the environmental impact, storage at home and duration/frequency of use, this is why WeeWhizz with Ease is born.

We are the parents of three young children based in Singapore and we understand the need of traveling light. Here we offer lightweight, compact (cabin friendly), full size, double prams, wagons, safety approved portable car seats and child carriers for short or long term rental. Another speciality of WeeWhizz is that we do pram recondition service.

If you can't find what you need, feel free to contact us using our Contact Form below. Alternatively use our WhatsApp link below or call us at +65 81743638 and we can suggest something similar to what you're looking for.